Peter Lowe 1550-1612

Another book published at the time was by a Scot, Peter Lowe, A Discourse of the Whole Art of Chirurgery (1596) this is one of the best works of the period on the subject. In his book he advocated amputation by the axe, and then to cauterise the wound by the application of a hot iron.

He founded the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 1599. This being a unique organisation as it did not separate the two specialities.

Much of Lowe's life remains something of a mystery and the subject of some conjecture. He was born probably somewhere in the west of Scotland. He called himself a 'Scottish man'.

In about 1566, Lowe travelled to France and there he spent some 30 or so years, serving as a surgeon in both the French and Spanish armies, the latter during campaigns in Flanders. He certainly acquired considerable experience of military surgery. 239







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