Edgar Stanley Rowbotham 1890-1979

Edgar Stanley Rowbotham was born in London in May 1890 and spent his early years with the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Great War. He worked alongside Ivan Magill and Harold Gillies in Sidcup.

Like Magill, Rowbotham was determined to improve the conditions for the surgeon when operating on neck and facial disfigurements, and invented alongside Magill some of the early tubes anaesthetic delivery apparatus and connectors. He served during the WW2 and was awarded the Bronze Star by the Americans.

He also pioneered the use of local and intravenous analgesia. He was responsible for the introduction of cyclopropane into this country. Rowbotham, Magill and Gillies, Advanced Plastic surgery and anaesthesia tremendously during their lifetimes.



Ken True History of Surgery and Anaesthesia