Arthur Sidney Blundell Bankart 1879-1951

Arthur Bankart was born in Exeter the son of surgeon James Bankart. He was a pupil of Rugby school and a student of Trinity College Cambridge. He qualified as a doctor in 1906.
We know this surgeon because of Bankart's procedure and the skids he developed. He trained at Guys hospital in London and worked as a surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic hospital London.
He was known as a man with a lot of energy and hyperactive. During the WW1 he worked alongside the military surgeons including Robert Jones at Shepherds Bush.

This British orthopaedic surgeon best known for describing the

During the Second World War he worked at Mount Vernon Hospital. He retired in 1944, but continued working until his death, after a full day of operating at Mount Vernon Hospital, on 8 April 1951.

He is best known for his work on recurrent dislocation, Bankart lesion and Bankart repair for shoulder dislocation.  and also for the skids that are named after him.







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