Gordon Jackson Rees FRCA, FRCP, FRCPCH 1918-2001

Gordon Jackson Rees was born in Oswestry Shropshire the son of a farmer. He joined the RAF in 1942 and served in North Africa.

He became a pioneer of paediatric anaesthesia, but his earlier scholastic achievements, by his standards, were modest and gave little hint of his later academic brilliance. He became a consultant anaesthetist to the Royal Liverpool Hospitals in 1949 and joined the new university department of anaesthesia as a part-time demonstrator. He introduced the revolutionary concept of the“triad of anaesthesia.” 258

After the war he remained in the RAF for a short period before being offered a position at Liverpool Hospital working alongside Thomas Cecil Gray. He will be known as one of the pioneers and developers of paediatric anaesthesia and was known with Gray for the "the Liverpool technique".

He will be known to us as ODP's and Nurses for his Jackson Rees modification of the Ayres T-piece for the ventilation of babies and small children. (Mapleson F)


Ayres T Piece and the Jackson Rees Modification (Mapleson F)



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