Michael Tunstall  1928-2011.

Mike Tunstall, revolutionised the control of labour pains for millions of women all around the globe. He invented Entonox, this gas  not only relieved women’s childbirth pain whilst in labour, but has brought comfort to others across the globe with its use, and is still widely used in A&E and Ambulances to alleviate pain.

  It was Arthur Guedel who first described the use of an N2O O2 mix in 1911 but it was Mike Tunstall who invented the one cylinder Entonox in 1961.

He was also responsible for the Failed Intubation Drill for Obstetrics that is in common use today.

He contracted Leukaemia in 1991 and died as a result of a long battle with this illness at his home in Newtonhill Aberdeen.277










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