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Fig 141 Sir Ivan Magill
Fig 142 The 90th Birthday Author
Fig 143 Stanley Rowbotham BMA edited by Author
Fig 144 Sidcup Hospital
Fig 145 Phillip Ayre
Fig 146 Ayres T Piece Author
Fig 147 Macintosh
Fig 148 Mcintosh Laryngascope Blade
Fig 149 Ernest H. Volwiler edited by author
Fig 150 Donalee L. Tabern
Fig 151 Curare
Fig 152 Charles Waterton edited by author
Fig 153 Propofol Author
Fig 154 Archie Brain
Fig 155 The LMA
Fig 156 Klippe Team Author
Fig 157 Handlers
Fig 158 London Hospital Bell
Fig 159 HooLoo
Fig 160 The 19th Century Operating Table Author