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It was during these ancient times that religion was seen as a help, faith was in most cases, all the people had, they believed in a life that was in the hands of a divine power and it was the will of God if something nasty befell you. This is still the case in the minds of many religious people today.

This attitude I have actually experienced when I worked in a Hospital in Nepal for 20 months, if the patient died the family were grieved but also, they had comfort with their belief that the person was going to a better place. This also leads them to put their faith in local healers of priests, like some tribal societies that are seen today in the African Continent the whole village relies-on this.

In the "Civilised West" however most think of religion as superstitious nonsense, to many, it is seen as interference in the scientific process to cure a disease, or make

the quality of life more bearable. That attitude is fine but only if you can receive or in a lot of cases, afford the treatment that is sometimes needed.

It just so happens in this world today even with institutions like the NHS there are still treatments that can cure you or relieve your suffering that are unavailable to the average human being as the cost is too much.

In times gone by, it was a comfort to know that when man could not heal you, you have done your duty, fought the good fight (on the right side), and you were now going to a better place, Heaven, or Valhalla. This way of thinking was a comfort to a majority of people who watched their loved ones suffer.

It was a fact then, that superstition and religion helped the poor fellow who was wounded in battle or the women who died giving birth to her child, for it gave genuine comfort to the individual concerned and those around who were affected by the loss.

Even today many people will revert to spiritual comfort during their final days or hours. It has a lot going for it, if they believe there is a place that you can go after your suffering is over and that choice is between heaven and hell, why not take comfort from that, is that not a treatment? if given the choice, where would you like to be carried too?

If the scientists and Humanists are wrong then no one needs to worry as on the other side of death is complete annihilation or non-existence as a human or spirit or soul.

If on the other hand however those who have no faith are wrong, and there is a Heaven and more horribly, a Hell; then I will be honest, I know what I would rather choose.

In the sub Asian continent, I have met with ordinary individuals who are in the mind-set that although their loved one is dead they have gone to a better place, and suffers no longer, it works for them.

Archaeological evidence confirms that the origins of medicine started with the appearance of modern man.



"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of God." 28




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