Egyptian History

Circumcision was such a common procedure that they even painted hyroglphs to advertise it.

The Egyptions were carrying out circumcision without anaesthetic, even in the early dynasties

Egypt is one of the oldest civilisations in the world and is commonly known for the three major Pyramids on the GizaPlateau. (Even though Egypt contains 90 or so) Its history and culture is as rich as you can get. Almost everybody in the West is aware of the mummified remains of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and especially the boy King, Tutankhamen.

There is a suggestion that Egypt was a place founded by the Sumarians as some Egyptologists have found evidence of their migration from Sumaria to the Nile Delta. Ancient Egypt has contributed enormously to the advance of medicine. In the beginning the advances were small by modern standards, but their understanding of fractures, medical conditions, and their detailing of procedures using written language is one of their major contributions. 

Economically, culturally and militarily ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced civilisations in the world. Relative to today, it would stand on a par with today’s USA. Whereas the majority of the world relied on superstition, magic and witch doctors, Egypt had some of the best trained physicians in the known world; Homer writes in Odyssey.  

In Egypt the physicians are more skilled than any of human kind The most powerful and wealthy of the then known world used to call upon Egypt’s finest Physicians for their services


Herodotus the ancient historian mentions how King Cyrus of Persia requested Ahmose II to send him his most skilful eye physician. 36 He also states that the Egyptians had a physician for each disorder, and would only practice on one, i.e. one for the eye, one for the hand and so on.



"In the earliest times, the many gods of the Egyptians were unique children of One Great God, the Source of All Life. Among the many gods, none of them was considered to be the ultimate god. Each was a free-willed portion of the Great Oneness which composed the Most High God. Even in Genesis the plural form is used as the name of God, indicating that the One was composed of many, and the many contained the Universal, Omnipresent One"









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