Raymundus Lullius (1232-1315)



Raymundus Lullius ( Ramon Llull or Raymond Lully) was born in 1235 on the island of Majorca. He was from a distinguished Catalonian family. 

His father had been rewarded for bravery in the army of the King of Aragon and given a considerable tract of land and wealth on Majorca. In his early days, Raymond was quite worldly. He became a courtier to King James II of Aragon and was the court poet and a very skilled musician. 

He lived a life of profligacy.  Although he had a wife (whom he married in 1257) and several young children, he tried to woo the wife of one of the court officials.  While composing a very lewd and suggestive poem addressed to this woman, he had a vision of Christ looking upon him with great sorrow.  He also saw the wounds that Christ had suffered as He died for our salvation.  This shook him greatly, and he put the poem aside.  A week or so later when he took up pen to complete the poem, the vision appeared a second time.  This happened three times.  We may feel repulsion at such a life; but, remember, we are all sinners. 

 Raymond was convicted of his sin and came to know Christ as his Saviour in 1263 at 28 years of age.264

Raymundus Lullius became a tertiary Franciscan monk and Poet. He is said to have discovered “Sweet Vitriol” (Ether) in 1275265.

He is said to have been stoned to death by Muslims.

                                         "Who loves not lives not; he who lives by the Life cannot die" 266




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