Conrad Ramstedt 1867-1963


Conrad Ramstedt was born in Hamersleben, a village in central Prussia in 1867. His father was a local physician.


He attended the gymnasium at Magdeburg and studied medicine at Heidelberg, Berlin and Halle, graduating from the latter in 1894.


From 1895 to 1901 he was an assistant in the surgical clinic at Halle before joining the German army. As a military surgeon he was promoted several times and served with distinction during the First World War.

On his discharge from the army in 1919, he became chief surgeon to the RafaelKlinik at Munster where he stayed for the remainder of his professional life.274

He is famous in the surgical arena for his study of the infant condition known as pyloric stenosis, first described by another German surgeon Harold Hirschprung.


A common symptom of this disease was projectile vomit; the operation to correct this was named after him Ramstedt's Procedure.






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