Friedrich Trendelenburg 1844-1924



Friedrich Trendelenburg was the son of the well known philosopher Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872), was born in Berlin, at his time a world centre of medical science and teaching.

He completed his training in Germany at Berlin and became first assistant to Bernhard von Langenbeck.

It was during his time as assistant to Langenbeck that Trendelenburg worked on stricture of the trachea. In Rostock he introduced gastrostomy in the treatment of oesophageal stricture, and in 1878 was the first surgeon to suture the patella in Germany. He first used his position for operating on viscera in 1881.286

Friedrich Trendelenburg is immediately known because of the 45o head down (and reverse Trendelenburg 45o head up) position used in surgery for varicose vein surgery. Varicose vein surgery is commonly referred to as Trendelenburg procedure.

At the age of seventeen Friedrich went to Glasgow and was influenced greatly by Englishman Joseph Lister and decided to train as a surgeon.

He is credited as the first person to perform endotracheal anaesthesia; prior to this all gases were delivered via mask.




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