Walter Rowley Bristow 1882-1947

Walter Rowley Bristow was born in Bexley in Kent in 1882. After attending Medical school at St Thomas's in London he obtained his FRCS in1909. During the First World War his served with distinction at Gallipoli. As a young man he was into fast cars and sport and did become a scratch golfer.

When he returned to England in 1916, he was recruited by Robert Jones at Shepherd's Bush Military Hospital. His association with Robert Jones continued after WW1 and Bristow built up his own reputation as an orthopaedic surgeon par excellence.

He was one of original members of the British Orthopaedic associations and was even the President of the association in 1936/7.

Girdlestone who was a good friend, said of him:

"He taught well penetrating to the heart of the subject piking up on the essentials with clarity and emphasis"

Bristow obtained the rank of Brigadier during the Second World War and played the same role as his friend Robert Jones did during the First World War in coordinating all the military's orthopaedic services.

We as practitioners will remember him more so because of his lever which is still commonly used today the "Bristow's.

He died in a London nursing-home on 10 November 1947, aged 64, and was cremated.289




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