Ralph M Waters 1883-1979

Ralph Milton Waters was born in 1883, in Iowa USA. Waters studied Medicine in Western Reserve Medical School and received his medical degree in 1912.

 Like most of the pioneering anaesthetists, he cut his teeth in World War I, he is better known for his academic approach to anaesthesia.

By 1927, his reputation had grown such that he was engaged as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. There, he set up the country's first separate department of anaesthesia and set up a resident training program in anaesthesia

Among his contributions to the field were the development of the gas cyclopropane for clinical use, the carbon dioxide absorption method, and endobronchial anaesthesia for thoracic surgery.312


He improved the training of the American Anaesthetists. Ralph Waters was the first Professor of anaesthesia in the world.

These in the early days were known as his Water Babies. His influence went on to improve the training of anaesthetist’s world-wide.

Ralph Waters was the Anaethetist who led the trials of the induction agent Thiopentone Sodium in 1936.

He developed several pieces of equipment and some like his connector and his circuit are known to many an old ODP of my era.


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