Harold Randall Griffith 1894-1985

Harold Randall Griffith was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada. He father was a doctor so it seemed natural for him to follow suit.

He studied at the same Magill University as Murphy, but unlike Murphy, he continued to work in Montreal after qualifying. He served in the 6th Field Hospital with the Canadian Expeditionary force during the Great War and was awarded  the Military Medal for Gallantry during the battle of Vimy Ridge.

He spent some time as a surgeon with the Royal Navy towards the end of WW1.

After the war he returned to Canada and in 1923 took up the position as Senior Anaesthetist at the Homeopathic Hospital in Montreal.

Harold Griffith was the first to use the Non Depolarising muscle relaxant, Curare (Intercostin) with his assistant Dr Enid Johnson on 23 January 1942 on a patient who underwent appendicectomy, this after being given the idea by Dr Lewis Wright. 317


This man was as brave  at the later part of his life as he was in the early part. He died after a losing the battle against Parkinsons Disease in 1985


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